Frequently Asked Questions

Put simply, no. Travelbuddy is a way of finding other travellers who are in the area and would be open to some social interaction. With Travelbuddy you can find out a little more about a person, check their social media background and exchange messages with them first. All before arranging to meet in person.
Sure, sometimes there will be instances where one thing may lead to another. Which is great. But if that is primarily what you are looking for, then other apps are available.

Primarily Travelbuddy is aimed at the solo business traveller. After all, it was those experiences that inspired us to create the app in the first place. But it is open to any kind of traveller - solo or accompanied, business or leisure - who would like an extra tool for expanding their network of influence.

When creating the Travelbuddy app, we always pictured its users meeting together in the hotel bar for a chat, going Dutch while out at dinner, or seeing a local play or movie. Perhaps you need a workout buddy to keep you motivated while out jogging in the streets.
With Travelbuddy you could find that particular business professional to pitch your idea to, or ask for advice from.
The only limitation is your imagination. There is no telling where it may take you.

By linking your Travelbuddy and Facebook profiles you will enable other Travelbuddy users to find that little bit more about you, such as your likes and interests. This will pique their interest and highlight you as someone they may want to meet as opposed to you being just a random stranger.

Unfortunately not. The good news is that thanks to Travelbuddy you can find that bit more about a person prior to meeting them in person. There will also be that bit more traceability to rely upon. But the usual precautions do still apply. For example, make sure that when you meet someone new, it is in a public setting. Also do not accept any food or drink unless you can be certain that it has not been tampered with.‚Ä?

By becoming a premium Travelbuddy member, you will be able to super like up to 5 times per day. You will also appear in the Spotlight section and be seen by thousands more Travelbuddy users.

Travelbuddy is a very new addition to the social media app market. As such it will be steered by suggestions from the Travelbuddy community. Anything that can make Travelbuddy better will be considered for future versions. So feel free to add suggestions using the feedback button on the app, or the Contact us link on the site.

Sure, we at Travel Buddy recognise that sometimes ‚Äď and not for the first time in social history ‚Äď individuals do not consider themselves to fit into one of the binary genders. This is of course fine, and we openly accept the right to do so. This is an ideology that lies steeped in history across multiple cultures in many countries. So the reality is that it is nothing new. The problem that this gives us when developing the Travel Buddy app is that it greatly complicates how it would work. It makes things far more straightforward if when creating your profile you select the binary gender you most closely associate with, or someone would consider you to be if they met you. Then in the filters for the discover page, just opt for what you would most like to meet: Male, Female or either. After all, you will decide for yourself whether you want to meet in person with the Travel Buddy users that meet your criteria. Gender is as minor or as big an issue as you choose to make it.

The global spread of this disease has made a profound impact on how we all socialise and interact with one another. The expectation is that it will continue to do so for quite some time to come. Travel Buddy is a means for you to interact with like minded people around you, while only meeting them in person when you choose to do so. As a result, it will be easier to filter out those you have little in common with and thus reduce your risk of exposure.
As the threat from Coronavirus will ebb and flow over time and across locations, precautions will need to be adjusted accordingly. Consequently you will need to take into consideration the current advice given by the authorities of the location that you are in.